Utah Tourism strengthens its presence in the Indian market

Milky Way above the ‘Temple of the Moon’ in Cathedral Valley, Capitol Reef National Park. (This is a re-edit of an image I posted over a month ago.) This monument stands about 270 feet (82 m) above the valley floor. Cathedral Valley is a remote area of ​​the park that is sometimes only accessible by 4×4. I only saw two other vehicles throughout my trip this last weekend in May! This is a single “NightScape” exposure during which the monument was lightly painted and the surrounding area received a “filled” light exposure from Mother Nature! Some have wondered how much of my “NightScapes” is natural, and how much is Photoshop. To find out, read here. Night photography blog | Facebook | Google+ | Workshops

The state of Utah in the United States has established itself as a leading outdoor and adventure destination and is benefiting from its growing popularity which attracts both young tourists and seasoned travelers seeking adventure. ‘a unique experience. Zach Fyne, Global Markets Specialist, Utah Tourism Board, shares his insights on the new attractions in Utah that are attracting tourists from around the world and how his organization continues to promote the destination in India.

– Prashant Nayak

Utah’s appeal has grown in recent years, and new Utah experiences are appealing to all types of travelers and group sizes, starting with the new Rocky Mountaineer luxury train that connects Denver, Colorado , at the Adventure Center in Moab, Utah, traversing the Rocky Mountains. Mountains and red rock desert over two days. Their five Mighty 5® National Parks were recently declared International Dark Sky Areas. Utah now has the world’s largest concentration of dark sky areas for star-filled night sky viewing in 24 areas and cities.

Glamorous camping, or glamping, has taken off in all parts of the state with new opportunities to stay in luxurious safari tents, Conestoga wagons, tipis and cabins surrounded by red rocks and tranquility for a more unique hosting offer. Also, since the pandemic, there have been more opportunities to learn more about Native American culture and historic preservations. These include new options for outfitters, accommodations and spas that offer visitors new ways to interact with native tribes, explore historically sacred monuments and areas, and enrich their experience with culturally relevant visits.

Zach Fyne

“What makes a visit to Utah so appealing to a wide audience is that you can customize your experience every step of the way, based on your budget,” says Zach. For those on a once-in-a-lifetime trip, there are options to secure chauffeurs and private shuttle vehicles, stay in luxury accommodation and glamping options, and get a deeper learning experience with outfitters to guide you through national parks and most wilderness locations across the state.

Sharing more, Zach adds, “If you’re looking to experience all of these same beautiful areas on a lower budget, then there’s significant savings with the National Parks Pass for all five of our National Parks and more from the Park Service. National Parks along with 44 Utah State Parks on our State Parks Office Pass, affordable rates offered at local inns and boutique hotels, and the freedom to drive one’s vehicles along of our state’s 28 scenic highways make traveling in Utah very accessible. For the opportunity to see some of nature’s most incredible beauty, wide open spaces and breathtaking landscapes at a bespoke pace, then the value-for-money experience for Indian tourists is undeniable.

Additionally, proximity to Las Vegas International Airport, as well as the new United States International Airport hub in Salt Lake City, has made Utah highly accessible to international flights by originating from India.

Utah is entering its second year of doing business with AVIAREPS in the Indian market, which will include an increased presence as they solidify their approach. AVIAREPS India oversees its account, intending to spread its efforts to reach direct consumers, media and local tour operators. Last year, their destination participated in SATTE and OTM for the first time, hosted a Utah Travel Industry FAM, and hosted various trainings, informational seminars, and events over the course of the year.

“We intend to continue these efforts, with additional plans to host an India sales mission to Mumbai and Delhi in January, participation in the Brand USA road show, hosting various Indian influencers in Utah and additional public relations efforts that will expand our presence in the market as the year continues,” shares Zach.

With the travel industry, the Utah Tourism Board has engaged in various cooperative marketing agreements to increase the number of Utah travel packages and familiarity with their product. In the fall, they will launch a new B2B e-learning platform to help train frontline agents with everything they need to know to sell Utah to their customers. These actions align with their efforts to visit various cities and regions across the country for training and in-person events, as well as participating in tourism expos throughout the year.

Zach also announced, “We will be hosting events across India to work more closely with media and influencers, showing them Utah’s offerings to pique their interest in visiting and covering our destination. Additionally, our social media, media buys, and other combinations of marketing actions are all tightly integrated to present Utah as a new, off-the-beaten-track destination to direct consumers year-round.


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