TV professional group forms measurement task force amid Nielsen problems


This task force, which the VAB says has been in the works for a year, comes at a pivotal time in television measurement, as issues surrounding Nielsen’s measurement system have opened the door for competitors to potentially win. land in a long monopolized space.

As recently as last week, the Media Rating Council voted to suspend the accreditation of Nielsen’s national and local television measurement services, leaving the United States without any verified audience measurement companies once the temporary ban took effect later this month. It comes after the VAB helped lead the charge in tackling inaccuracies in Nielsen’s measurement data that stem from undercoverage of viewers amid the pandemic.

As a result of these issues, NBCU called for ‘measurement independence’ and requested proposals from more than 70 measurement partners with the aim of establishing a more reliable and better measurement. precise TV and video audiences.

“We have long advocated for a more open and responsible market, built on a basis of trust, transparency and shared values. These efforts include our most recent call to move towards metrics that tell the whole story, ”wrote Kelly Abcarian, executive vice president, measurement and impact, advertising and partnerships, NBCU, in a blog post linked to the task force. by VAB.

Abcarian said that NBCU and VAB will seek to understand stakeholders of measurement and identity opportunities to create an interoperable ecosystem; assess existing initiatives to create and publish an industry-wide framework and best practices; and strategize on how the new metrics can evolve across the industry, incorporating changing multicultural audiences, new adoption of streaming, and rating premium content.


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