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And then there was a name…

Responsible entities against consumer harassment (REACH) do not yet exist. But it is getting closer to becoming reality.

A new sales organization designed to connect key direct buyers with compliance-conscious consumers with the goal of arriving at best practices designed to protect consumers from unwanted calls while simultaneously ensuring that high-intent customers have immediate access to goods and services they want.

Everybody wins.

As I continue my listening tour, it becomes clear to me that buyers want to standards. Real standards.

Isn’t it crazy that there is no set standard for font size on a consent disclosure? That there are no criteria for what constitutes “visible” when considering font color and background elements? That leads can be sold multiple times and there are no set limits on the number of times a particular buyer can attempt to call a lead?

It can’t stay the Wild West forever.

I’ve had some of these conversations privately, but thought I’d start socializing these things more publicly so I could get some real feedback.

Of course, disclosure font size and the like would only be a small part of the standard. I think:

  • Best practices limit the number of times a lead can be sold.
  • Best practice restrictions on cross-vertical leads (in the absence of such clear disclosures).
  • Best practices limit buyer outreach attempts (say 5 attempts per day?)
  • Best practices limit how long a lead can be called (7 days off?)
  • Best practice restrictions on selling older leads (again, in the absence of such clear disclosures.)
  • Best practices for using the RND.
  • Best practice of not using pre-recorded calls before an RPC.
  • Best practice limitations on adding data before first contact.
  • Best practice limitations on credit triggers for non-customers.
  • Best practice handling of DNC requests and “not interested” declarations.

I’ve also thought up a few more articles, but it’s probably best that I don’t share them right now.

Just socializing a few concepts here. Sincerely interested in the views.

REACH–For a higher standard.


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