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CyclingIndustry.News’ fourth professional journal of the year is now available online or downloadable in pdf format by clicking here.

The problem begins with the usual advice from frontline retailers, where CI.N asks professionals how they got through the unprecedented problems the cycling industry has experienced over the past year, how retailers have been doing it. adapted to the climate of low availability, if demand will continue, or if we will end up with too much inventory in the market.

Next, readers can also see an excerpt from CyclingIndustry.News’ annual independent retailer survey (available for purchase in full here) on workshops and wages. Here, CI.N explores service center prices and mechanics salaries with a year-over-year comparison.

Next, we move on to an analysis of ecommerce stock trends across the market with Andrew Isenman’s second article for CI.N, exploring stock levels with the online retail giants before and during the pandemic using a technique called time series forecasting.

Additionally, CI.N is digging deeper into the custom clothing and own-brand retail trend, with analyzes from brands such as Wildoo, Ribble and Primal Europe.

In this issue, CI.N also looks at the future of titanium in manufacturing. Our market report this year found that 15% of independent stores plan to divert more money to the gravel bike segment in 2021. The article explains how this has had a warming effect on the titanium market with executives from the best manufacturers in the country often having a roadside stop.

Also, as a continuation of the previous CI.N trade journal, this issue provides a more in-depth analysis of the industry’s powertrain supply where CI.N asks if internal gear hubs and belt drives will be a surprise beneficiary of the pandemic, or are they already gaining popularity?

There is much more in the latest trade journal, including:

  • A profile on ION where Sean Reynolds advocates for your customers to stay in one piece with Ion products.
  • A profile on 661 and its new distributor Upgrade Bikes.
  • An opinion piece on the next step in retail
  • A column on bike fit, where biomechanics expert Jon Iriberri discusses how customer loyalty can be built around a single professional product-to-person match.
  • A retail profile on NorthRoad Cycles on taking a private label in store.
  • A MiRider profile, which sees Sales Manager Matthew Higginson discussing his success somewhat under the radar
    history of the e-Bike marketplace.
  • A piece of analysis on the theme of business-to-business bicycle insurance
  • A profile piece on Raleigh cargo bikes
  • A “ask the boss” column with Lyon Equipment, where founder Jonathan Capper joins new cycle market manager Jordan Lunn to discuss what distributor insight can bring to retail businesses.

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