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CyclingIndustry.News’ sixth professional journal of the year is now available online or downloadable in pdf format by clicking here.

The problem begins with the usual view of frontline retailers, where CI.N asks the trade about direct consumer pressures, such as how concerned retailers are with a tilt of the traditional distribution model towards options. more direct in the face of price pressures and whether they have considered continuing with their own branded products.

Next, readers can also see an excerpt from CyclingIndustry.News’ annual independent retailer survey (available for purchase in full here) on Market Sharing. Here, CI.N asks “How do you feel about sharing brands with multiple online retail giants?” »As well as to analyze the best-selling retailers of e-bikes and pedal bikes.

Next up is an exclusive interview with Claus Fleischer, CEO of Bosch E-Bike Systems, where he explains that perhaps it is the math of the transport ecosystem alone that makes the e-Bike such a hit. .

We then move on to a retail inventory trend analysis where Andy Isenman once again puts his algorithms to work to help CI.N spot the latest trends.

In addition, the latest trade journal analyzes sustainability within the bicycle industry. There is a feeling in the bicycle industry that our “green image” is a generous association based on the use of the product in post-production. When the time comes to grow, what substance has this idea? In the context of the urgency surrounding the climate discussion, CI.N explores how far we have come and how much work remains to be done.

Additionally, as the final Eurobike in Friedrichshafen drew to a close, leaders from across the bicycle industry came together on stage to address the industry’s most pressing issues. In the latest trade journal, CI.N recaps a talk on sourcing, sustainability and regulatory wrangling that could cost businesses dearly…

Other features include:

  • A profile on Pembree because Raleigh recently announced a distribution partnership with the brand
  • An interview with Altino Lourenco from Yamaha electric bike
  • How to participate in CyclingIndustry.News’ Fifth Annual Retail Study, which can be completed here.
  • An opinion piece on the hotly debated topic of the living wage in the bicycle industry
  • An anti-theft scan with the help of Pentalock and Leopard Tech
  • Feedback on the Eurobike and IAA trade fairs
  • A “ask the boss” column with Muc-Off, where Alex Trimnell discusses the company’s latest solutions for cleaning products and reducing environmental impact.

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