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CyclingIndustry.News’ first Trade Journal of 2021 is now readable online or downloadable in pdf format here.

We start the problem with an assessment of what contributes and what does not contribute to the recipe of a supplier sales representative who will be welcomed with open arms. For those looking for help from sales agents, CI.N has quietly updated our 2018 guide to talent available in the industry. For this article, head here.

With our 2021 independent retail study just weeks away from release, a final trickle of data from 2020 assesses where bike shops were most likely to have invested this year, where commerce has picked up again. ‘year after year, profitability and participation in things. such as used bicycle sales, bicycle rental and workshop training courses. To register your interest in the 2021 forward-looking report, email the editor here.

In a step outside the norm, our first guest columnist this month is known as The Highayman Ranty. Trained as a road engineer, but also a passionate defender of the bicycle offer, our columnist explains the obstacles inherent in integrating cycling infrastructure into the design agenda and how to overcome these headwinds.

In the second installment of our MP’s View series, Selaine Saxby of the Conservative Party presents her take on how cycling and walking can progress in this country and why grants are not always the solution to help businesses. . In our last issue of 2020, Labor’s Ruth Cadbury shared this interview on the same topic.

With no trade shows on the reverse, CI.N calls on suppliers to tell us first what stock will be arriving shortly, but also what would have been in front of the house if Corebike and Icebike had proceeded.

Watching trends is a key part of our work here at CI.N, but sometimes it’s the invisible that has the most impact on business. With that in mind, we ask a handful of industry experts if the trend towards accessory integration will end up hurting the retail business. Go to page 26 for our assessment.

There’s plenty more on the following too, including:

  • A column by Myles Marwood on whether the industry has ever forgotten past messages about diversity.
  • A Moore Large Forme Bikes brand profile and ambition to challenge brand leaders for the UK retail space.
  • The deployment of a new chain of workshops under the Guidons brand.
  • A much needed assessment of the equipment available in stores to bolster security in the wake of an increasing trend in break-ins.
  • A profile of the Cadence Performance business that has diversified its services far beyond traditional retail to help it store fat for tough times.
  • Details on how to enroll your mechanics at both Cycle Systems Academy and The Bike Inn training houses.
  • John Styles returns to CI.N with his usual in-depth assessment of the retail market as it stands and how to prepare for what could be another abnormal year for the business.
  • Finally, Saddleback’s Andy Wigmore fills out this month’s Ask the Boss interview, explaining why the company has bet on sport cycling which continues to grow despite a general overtaking of e-bikes and transport.

Again, to read our Trade Journal in its entirety, go here.

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