New Business Group Focuses on Environmental Benefits of AM Technology


AMGTA is a non-commercial and unaffiliated organization open to any manufacturer of additives meeting certain criteria relating to the sustainability of production. Getty Images

Sintavia LLC, an additive manufacturer serving the aerospace and defense industries, announced the formation of a trade group for additive manufacturers focused on promoting the environmental benefits of AM over methods traditional manufacturing.

The Additive Manufacturer Green Trade Association (AMGTA) is a non-commercial, unaffiliated organization open to any additive manufacturer who meets certain criteria relating to the sustainability of production.

“A lot of times in additive manufacturing we focus on the cost and time benefits of the technology and don’t look at the very real environmental benefits of AM in the same way compared to traditional manufacturing,” said Brian Neff, CEO of Sintavia.

“These benefits include improved end-use design utility and improved industrial ecology of the manufacturing process itself. The aim of AMGTA will be to raise awareness of these advantages within end-market segments, in order to accelerate the rate of adoption of the technology. We look forward to working with our industry co-founders over the next few months to lay the groundwork for AMGTA and really start operating in 2020. ”

The organization is open to any manufacturer meeting the following basic criteria:

  • Generated the majority of its manufacturing revenue from AM in most recent fiscal year.
  • Adopted proactive internal policies related to waste reduction and operational sustainability.
  • Is a member of the Green Business Bureau or other similar certification body.
  • Is willing to actively participate in the advancement and non-commercial promotion of the environmental benefits of AM in end markets and to the general public at large.

The organization is expected to start fully functioning by the second quarter of 2020.

Logo of the Ecological Trade Association of Additive Manufacturers (AMGTA)


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