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Michael Owen is the Pakistan Football League brand ambassador.

Pakistan’s football setup took a boost on Friday when former England star Michael Owen signed a three-year contract to become ambassador for the Pakistan Football League, a private company to be launched in the country.

The owners of the private league, Global Soccer Ventures (GSV), have announced Owen’s signing.

“Owen will take the reins of Pakistani football to help design a strategic partnership program uniting the nation with the power of football in England. Owen will unveil the PFL logo from the birthplace of football in England in October,” a statement said. by GSV. .

He said Owen will also travel to Pakistan to lead a series of soccer master classes.

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Besides his time in England, Owen has represented Manchester United, Real Madrid, Liverpool and Newcastle United in top leagues and also won the Ballon d’Or in 2001.

GSV CEO Zabe Khan said Owen’s “hybrid role” will include creating a global professional gateway for new Pakistani footballers able to adapt to the modern game.

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“Pakistan’s football potential is enormous and I am delighted to identify untapped talent in a country of 220 million people. I seek to promote and develop football between UK and Pakistan through the very first Model franchise league – the PFL, ”the press release read. quoted Owen.

Pakistani football has been in crisis for four years and the group that currently runs the Pakistan Football Federation is not recognized by FIFA, who have asked them to leave the FIFA football house in Lahore.

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