Interactive Advertising Bureau warns Senate bill could be destructive to competitive ad market and U.S. economy


NEW YORK – May 19, 2022 – Interactive Advertising Bureau CEO David Cohen released the following response to the Digital Advertising Competition and Transparency Act introduced today in the US Senate, which would prevent digital advertising companies from providing the both technologies for buying and selling advertisements, as well as online exchanges. facilitate these transactions:

“This legislation is intended to punish a few companies, but the effects would ripple across the entire digital economy, affecting advertisers big and small, as well as the American public. The unintended consequences would be devastating to one of the drivers of most powerful growth opportunities in the U.S. economy. The market would lose the scale and precision of Internet offerings, advertising costs would rise, and growth opportunities for brands and publishers would disappear. Small businesses and content creators across the country wouldn’t exist without the built-in technologies that help them attract and retain customers, providing them with products and services Vital tools we take for granted like email, search and navigation are creating every day value to millions of American consumers and are threatened by this proposal.

“The bill also ignores one of the fastest growing competitive sectors of the market, where media distribution, retail media networks and other businesses offer ad buying and selling services. . This threatens investments in these new technologies, including streaming video, and would undo decades of efforts to simplify and streamline the digital supply chain to save Americans time and money. Before dismantling the online infrastructure that supports almost every other industry, Congress must consider the consequences not only for the advertising industry, but also for the American economy.

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