Individual travelers from India can now enter Japan


The government of Japan has announced a policy of resuming entry of individual travelers for tourism purposes from October 11. The government released its policy to resume group tours to Japan on September 7 and has now lifted entry restrictions for individual tourists entering Japan.

A COVID-19 test on arrival is no longer necessary once you arrive in Japan. However, to participate, you must still meet one of the following two conditions:

  1. Obtain a certificate confirming that you have received at least three injections of a vaccine recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO). The document must be issued by an official body, such as a government agency, and must be accompanied by a Japanese or English translation if it was originally written in another language.
  2. Obtain a certificate confirming the negative status of a COVID-19 test taken within 72 hours of departure to Japan from your home country.

In either case, travelers must fill out a COVID-19 questionnaire before arrival, which the government recommends that they complete online in advance using their “Fast Track” service – which is available in Japanese, English, Chinese , Vietnamese and Indonesian – and an associated application called MySOS, which you can install on your smartphone via a QR code or a link.

JNTO looks forward to welcoming group travel and individual travelers to Japan with the long-awaited lifting of entry restrictions. These measures are long-awaited news for tourists around the world who have been looking forward to visiting Japan.

Satoshi Seino, Chairman of JNTO, said, “The Japanese government has finally announced the resumption of individual travel for tourism purposes and visa waivers. I am incredibly happy to finally welcome individual travelers back after coping with the pandemic for a two and a half year wait.

He added, “JNTO will do everything in its power to provide you with the latest information on arriving in Japan so that many tourists can visit and travel through our country.”

“So that you can do more than enjoy Japan’s captivating culture, history, nature and cuisine, we are also working hard on sustainable tourism, adventure travel and luxury travel projects. . Japan is a very attractive country not only for tourism, but also for international conferences and incentive trips. With travel measures relaxed, Japan is fully prepared to host these events.

“In addition to reveling in the many ways to enjoy attractions across Japan, now is a time when international visitors can take advantage of shopping opportunities.

“Japan has been busy for the past two and a half years with preparations to welcome everyone back. Come see the new Japan. We look forward to your arrival!


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