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The upcoming holiday season in India is the highest consumer spending season for Indian consumers. According to a report by The trade office, 91% of Indian consumers plan to shop during the next festive sales, as optimism gradually follows the impact of the pandemic.

This has enormous potential for savvy marketers to target consumers as they have traditionally made purchases of big ticket items – furniture, automobiles, and electronics – with a view to entertaining guests at home. Forrester expects online retail sales to reach around $ 9.2 billion in India in the holiday month of 2021, up 42% year-over-year.

But brands looking to stand out during this time should know that their ads are seen by real people, or risk losing the chance to improve the ROI of media campaigns. According to internal data from Integral Ad Science (IAS), consumer packaged goods (CPG) campaigns during the holiday season had the highest visibility rates of 63.34%, followed by retail at 62. , 08%. Auto recorded the lowest visibility rates at 49.18%. Automotive advertisers and other categories of advertisers are advised to optimize visible and quality impressions to ensure that the campaign has the opportunity to be seen and positively influence consumers.

In addition, the quality of the media is important. A brand should monitor ad fraud, visibility and brand risk issues throughout the campaign cycle, which includes acquisition and engagement or re-engagement.

Often, brands only focus on acquiring customers. But, as the customer journey continues, there is also a need to maintain interest, which can be done through an effective re-engagement strategy. Retargeting campaigns are mostly unchecked and vulnerable to fraud, so ad verification metrics can be used to monitor and optimize visible impressions and without fraud.

Brands have the ability to harness the dual power of personalized ads and high-quality placement to drive greater brand engagement. However, it is also essential to recognize that placing ads alongside low-quality content has important consequences– carrying a high risk of damage to brand perception and even revenue, which over time will also have an impact on the publisher. To ensure that online ads grab the right attention and results, relevant content and the right context should be a top priority.

Here’s how to maximize your advertising returns:

Scammers go where the dollars go

Global losses from ad fraud exceeded US $ 35 billion last year, a figure expected to reach US $ 50 billion by 2025, according to the World Federation of Advertisers (WFA). According to WFA, advertising fraud is the second most important source of income for organized crime after the drug trade. When it comes to minimizing waste, eradicating ad fraud should be a priority. While ad fraud is a risk to keep in mind throughout the year, campaigns have proven to be riskier when shopping for vacation. Since video advertising in mobile and connected television (CTV) typically generates higher CPMs than display, video purchases are more susceptible to bad actors. Make sure your campaigns are protected against fraudulent activity by applying fraud filters before the auction.

Mobile advertising has gained ground among Indian advertisers

Dentsu’s 2021 Global Ad Spend Forecast predicted significant growth in mobile ad spend across the globe, with the Indian market nearly doubling its mobile ad spend between 2019 and 2020. With over 500 million Indians using smartphones, a The overwhelming majority of consumers today make purchasing decisions via mobile devices. People are usually on the go and travel during the holiday season which means they will be spending more time on their mobile devices. So be sure to implement a mobile strategy that touches the entire age of your audience. According to App Annie, the average use of smartphones is around 4.6 hours per day in India, the third largest in the world. But as mobile spending grows, media quality issues can arise, such as mobile fraud, unsafe brand environments, and invisible inventory. Advertisers must therefore take care to protect their campaigns from risks.

Benefit from a quality inventory

Not surprisingly, video inventory will be in high demand during the holiday shopping season. If your brand wants to focus on video before Diwali, you can increase your auction price to earn valuable video inventory. We recommend that you focus on video to drive effective and meaningful engagement and increase engagement through mobile devices. Take advantage of a quality video offer and work with trusted partners. It’s as much about quality as it is about quantity, especially during the peak holiday season. Work with trusted markets and partners to ensure that your investment will generate maximum return.

In order to attract your consumers to your store in the first place, your ads must be seen in fraud-free, brand-safe, and responsive environments. Advertisers should maintain a holistic approach to media quality, using information to optimize campaign performance, preparing for a happy holiday season.

Saurabh Khattar is India Sales Manager at Integral Ad Science


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