Gun Trade Group Gains Popularity in Gun Control Debate


The National Shooting Sports Foundation has stepped up federal lobbying and is working closely with lawmakers to shape ongoing Senate negotiations toward new legislation to address gun violence, The Wall Street Journal reports. The commercial group was involved in defining the general parameters of the agreement and helped with the technical details. The NSSF represents 8,000 gun manufacturers, distributors, retailers and shooting ranges, including AR-15 rifle maker Colt. The NSSF has been more open to certain gun laws that are seen to benefit its members, such as tougher penalties for thefts from gun stores and cracking down on “ghost guns” that lack guns. serial numbers.

The group has also bolstered its presence in Washington, spending nearly $1.1 million in the first three months of this year on federal lobbying, compared to $620,000 for the National Rifle Association, records show. Since 2019, the NSSF has invested approximately $5 million more than the NRA in federal lobbying. The group opposed raising the gun purchase age and a nationwide red flag law, both of which were removed from the scope of the bill. Some Republican lawmakers and their aides say they’ve been more willing to talk to NSSF officials than NRA officials. Some Democratic legislative offices have had an open line with the NSSF, even as they turn away from the NRA.


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