From Financial Services Advisor to Mortgage Broker


Finally, she decided to open her own brokerage firm in 2019. As President and CEO of Aslan Home Lending Corp., she oversees a team of 57 people. Last year, the company posted some $500 million in about 1,000 units, she said. . Always productive, Gusmus is still doing a bit of origin even while overseeing the others – posting a volume of around $48 million on 100 units.

His business is also seeing growth, even as others resort to layoffs now that the refinancing boom has stabilised. The company originally had nine people when it launched and added 10 creators to its staff – including those in processing and administration, she said.

Largely because of his experience, the company didn’t have to look to other areas to stay afloat. “Our goal has always been to try to maintain a high level of purchase percentage as well as focus on what I call necessary refinancing. People will refinance because of construction, divorce, withdrawals for education etc whatever the rate,” she said.

She noted that the Association of Independent Mortgage Experts (AIME) has also been prominent throughout her career. “We love AIME, partly just for the camaraderie and collaboration,” she said. Even on a casual Facebook platform, she noted, “You can ask questions, and people rush to answer you and befriend you. When you need help, an experienced person will help you.

Admittedly, the road has been long and winding for Gusmus. But as its success demonstrates, the trip was worth it.


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