Espire Hospitality Group launches ZANA Lake Resort, Udaipur


The rapidly growing Espire Hospitality Group unveils its new resort, “ZANA Lake Resort, Udaipur” on the scenic Udai Sagar Lake. This is the group’s first resort under its brand new brand, ‘ZANA – Luxury Escapes’, and the launch marks the group’s entry into the Indian luxury resort market. Just 20 minutes from Maharana Pratap Airport, ‘ZANA Lake Resort, Udaipur’ is conveniently located close to the main attractions of this ‘Venice of the East’ and yet away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Named after the rare purple lily, the ‘ZANA’ experience is an escape from the ordinary into a world of indulgence and exclusivity. Thriving in some of the country’s most exquisite locations, ‘ZANA – Luxury Escapes’ offers a whole new world – a world that traces a confluence of unique experiences, modern hospitality and a service philosophy that cannot be defined. as the ultimate ‘ZANA Path’.

The language of ZANA luxury is as much about the intangible as the tangible; about the experiences that reconnect you with yourself and with your loved ones; on the moments that linger and last. Whether it’s a desire for a solitude escape or an adrenaline-pumping adventure, your time at ZANA has potential for all of this and more.

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Lakeside Room with Private Garden – ZANA Lake Resort, Udaipur

“We are extremely excited to launch our new brand ‘ZANA – Luxury Escapes’ in the historic city of Udaipur, which has high demand for high-end hospitality from affluent travelers around the world. This opening marks an important milestone for our group’s expansion in India,” said Akhil Arora, Chief Operating Officer, Espire Hospitality Group.

“For ‘ZANA – Luxury Escapes’, we aim to create experiences that will be new to the Indian hospitality landscape. The brand concept was planned after extensive research into what the Indian market currently has to offer and how which we can develop a distinctive luxury experience. We are confident that the ZANA experience will give our guests many stories to tell and reasons to return,” he added.

At ZANA Lake Resort, Udaipur, treat yourself to spectacular, unfettered mountain views framed in a shimmering lake that is home to exquisite migratory birds. Discover this solitude and comfort infused in 30 intimately designed rooms with inspiring experiences, nourishing cuisine and a unique service philosophy.

This confluence of classic luxury and personalized service can be seen throughout the resort in the details of the stay – from personalized airport pickup and welcome drink on wheels to spirit-tasting experiences and pampering rituals. – be distinct.

The all-day, multi-cuisine “Mayfair” restaurant at “ZANA Lake Resort, Udaipur” features airy, unadorned interiors juxtaposed with tastefully placed foliage, comfortable neoclassical furnishings, and floor-to-ceiling windows that open to soothing views on the lake. It’s a place to sit down and savor an unrivaled menu that is both nourishing and delectable. Outdoor dining spaces, on the other hand, are just perfect and best suited for magical dining experiences.

Guests can relax in the infinity pool overlooking the enchanting Udai Sagar Lake or enjoy inner calm with the finest treatments involving modern techniques at the on-site spa, “Soak”. The new complex also offers a dedicated children’s play area, “Toddle Wobble”, an in-house games room and a plethora of outdoor activities to keep everyone entertained. Inspirational activities such as a village walk, a movie under the stars and a wildlife safari are available for guests who wish to add new experiences to their stay.

Resembling a giant ship and therefore named after the two famous “Santa Maria” and “Sao Gabriel”, the two lawns cover 50,000 square feet of lush green space. You have access to an invaluable place to organize events that you will remember for a lifetime. In addition to this, an intimate indoor meeting place “The Arcade” opens to a view of the lake and is ideal for inspiring meetings and celebrations.


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