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The Russian-Ukrainian conflict is still ongoing, and with the issue not ending anytime soon, NPR has announced that it is creating a series of dedicated podcasts to address the war.

“State of Ukraine” will have multiple episodes per day and will include reports from NPR reporters on the ground in Ukraine. Additionally, it features discussions with officials, experts, and other news personalities.

“NPR is the nation’s leading audio newsroom. The organization is uniquely equipped to share stories from the ground, voices and perspectives from the region – and around the world – in an on-demand format,” said Neal Carruth, Senior Director of News Programming on demand.

“We pride ourselves on providing the public with reliable and timely journalism as the conflict unfolds.”

NPR is releasing a new podcast on the heels of the public radio station receiving $500,000 in emergency funding from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB) to cover the conflict in Ukraine.

“We are grateful for CPB’s support of NPR’s continued coverage of the crisis in Ukraine and the surrounding region, one of the most complex and important stories of our time,” said NPR President John Lansing, in a statement. “Our job is to bear witness for our audiences and for history.”


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