EGBA: there is still work to be done to ensure responsible advertising


the European Gaming and Betting Association affirmed that it will continue to promote further reduction of intellectual property rights infringing on online advertising in the gambling industry.

This comes as the Brussels-based trade association welcomes the findings of a study by the European Union Intellectual Property Officewhich reported a “significant reduction” in advertising by major gambling brands on IPR-infringing websites and mobile apps.

It is reported that over the past year, advertisements across the industry, including EGBA member brands, have seen a 55% decline across these entities, despite a documented 26% increase in all sectors.

Despite appreciating the progress made in recent years, the EGBA says “there is still work to be done” by a gambling industry that is believed to account for 25% of advertising impressions on infringing websites. DPI.

“I am delighted to see consistent and significant year-on-year progress by Europe’s leading gambling brands, including our members, to reduce the placement of advertising on IPR-infringing websites and apps” , commented Martin HaijerSecretary General of the European Gaming and Betting Association.

“But there is still work to be done, and we encourage European gambling operators and their advertising affiliates to play their part in ensuring that their advertising and placement is done responsibly.

“We look forward to continuing our cooperation with the European Commission and other stakeholders, at EU level, to reduce IPR infringing online advertising.”

On IPR-infringing websites, EUIPO found a significant drop of 55%, from 18% in Q1 to 8% in Q4, in advertising by major gambling brands in 2021 , after a 20% decline a year earlier.

Additionally, it is also reported that ads for all gambling brands fell slightly from 28% to 25% between the first and last quarters of last year. In terms of mobile apps, gambling accounts for less than 1% of those app impressions.

This study examined online advertising found on IPR-infringing websites and mobile apps in 2021, and assessed the estimated amount and type of such advertising and associated advertising revenue.

The total worldwide revenue generated by the monitored websites was estimated at €912.7 million, while the revenue generated by the monitored applications is estimated to be around €57.1 million.


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