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The Netherlands’ largest online gaming trade group has called for tighter advertising restrictions in response to guidelines issued by the national regulator.

The Dutch Online Gaming Association (NOGA), whose members include Entain, Flutter, Kindred and Bet365, said the limit of three online gaming ads per commercial block when the Dutch gaming market opens up. chance next month is not enough. NOGA said it was particularly concerned that advertisements for lotteries and land-based gaming offers could also be shown additionally in the same block.

NOGA wants operators and groups in the online and offline sectors to come together to agree on practical guidelines to avoid the saturation of advertising and the subsequent risk of a total ban.

“This code does not go far enough. The limit of three gambling ads per block only applies to Internet gambling ads. Thus, in addition to three advertisements for online gambling, Holland Casino, Gaston and Koning TOTO will be allowed to advertise their offers offline without any restrictions, ”said Peter-Paul de Goeij, Director of NOGA.

“The viewer doesn’t distinguish between offline and online at all – the consumer only sees an irritating gaming ad. In addition, gambling advertisements from today’s gambling providers are already ubiquitous; on television, radio, on the Internet, in bus shelters and in our letterboxes. Let’s face it, consumers find too many gambling ads just plain irritating.

“This irritation and the flooding of gambling advertisements must be avoided. That is why NOGA calls on all gambling providers, online, offline, the Postcodelottery – but also the media and broadcasters – to sit down and make deals on the total amount of advertising on them. gambling in the Netherlands, since June 2019 already. We must do this to moderate the growth that is coming, with the legalization of the online market, and to avoid an avalanche of advertisements on gambling.

“If we don’t prevent this from happening, a ban on gambling advertising may soon be introduced and we will not be able to persuade consumers to gamble on a legal gambling site. NOGA therefore advocates controlling advertising volume.

The guidelines issued last week by Kansspelautoriteit (KSA) include obligations that licensees must not target advertising to minors and that advertisements will be evaluated in terms of content, where they are advertised, media presence and to whom they are intended.

NOGA said its members’ absence from discussions on the guidelines was a mistake, citing the experience of multinational groups such as Kindred, Flutter and Entain in making rules applicable in other countries.

De Goeij added: “We support the code, but with the important addition that this intersectoral agreement to control advertising volume is absolutely necessary and I would like to invite here – again – all colleagues, media and broadcasters – to go around the table in a coalition of the willing, to jointly prevent an avalanche of advertisements on gambling.

René Jansen, chairman of the Dutch regulator Kansspelautoriteit (KSA) recently warned operators to moderate their advertising when the country’s video game market opens up, or risk public backlash and tougher marketing laws. He said a “bombardment of advertisements” elsewhere in Europe had led to much stricter advertising laws, citing Belgium, Italy, Spain and Britain as examples of countries where varying degrees of limits were imposed. been placed on gambling advertisements.


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