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A fireside conversation between Rajesh Pantina, Marketing Director, Asia-Pacific, InMobi and Pankaj Parihar, Vice President and Head, Digital Marketing and Transformation, GCPL at the Brand World Summit 2021 hosted by, focused on the evolution of digital communication. He answered how to make conversations effective and how to retain target audience.

Pantina started the conversation by showcasing the evolution of Godrej consumer goods over time. He then asked Parihar about the important pillars of digital development in relation to Parihar’s experience at GCPL and how Covid-19 has advanced the digital spectrum.

To this, Parihar responded that the company started its digital journey in 2016 with e-commerce which year after year has gradually transformed and by the time Covid-19 erupted, GCPL had its own digital engine and d huge research and money invested in digital content. and data management platform. Parihar even shed light on how digital communication should be vernacular.

The two also discussed Godrej’s home insecticide launch. Pantina raised the question of why the company launched this line when people were engrossed in the pandemic.

To this, Parihar said that this line is one of the most crucial in the GCPL, because even while everyone was talking about the virus, the women who are the target audience were worried about their families as vector-borne diseases would still be reported. the.

Parihar emphasized that customers are of the utmost importance to the business, so it is important that they are communicated and contacted in the language they know.

(This is a summary of the session. The longer version will be uploaded in the coming days)

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