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If you’re not familiar with Diaframma yet, it’s time to get to know it.

The Italian studio has been serving the toy industry for over 40 years, creating memorable advertisements for iconic brands and toys. Known for its creative team, wide range of services and vast storytelling ability, Diaframma continues to evolve with the latest technology and investment in its people.

The Toy Book recently caught up with Diaframma VP Jehan Hindo for an update on the company, its recent productions and what 2023 looks like so far.

The Toy Book: It’s been a busy year for Diaframma. Can you tell us a bit more about some of the clients and toy brands you’ve worked with this year and some of the “greatest hits” you’ve produced in recent months?

Jean Hindou: 2022 has been a great year for us and we are forever grateful to all of our loyal customers and the toy industry for never skipping a beat. This year we had the chance to work on some of the hottest preschool brands for Jazwares, such as their Cocomelon and Blippi lines. With MGA Entertainment, we continued to bring their women’s brands such as Rainbow High, LOL Surprise! and Na! N / A! N / A! Surprise by creating both television commercials (TVC) and spots for parents. Funko has been fun new client to continue working with and Spin Master’s Harry Potter line has kept us in a magical world.

TB: Earlier this year, the introduction of Diaframma’s new virtual stage added new capabilities to the company’s production arsenal. How have your customers in the toy industry benefited from this new technology?

JH: The Edge Studio – yes, we named our LED wall – was a huge hit this year.

Our customers have been really thrilled to take this leap into the virtual world with us and I’m happy to say it’s been successful to say the least. We haven’t done anything groundbreaking yet because we wanted to get our toes wet first and make sure we really become an industry expert in this category, but it definitely opened up some new localization ideas, helped streamlining our art department and our creatives are really loving the freedom and flexibility they have when pitching new ideas.

The Edge studio at Diaframma | Source: Diaframma

TB: Now that the virtual stage has been in use for about a year, what additional innovations can customers expect?

JH: It was a big investment and we are always on the lookout for expansion and innovation, but for now we need to keep investing to make virtual production a real asset. We’ve invested in people in the form of talent to help us expand our creative reach and truly keep the “sky’s the limit” ideology alive.

TB: When we first logged on in early 2020, we had no idea the world was on the cusp of a pandemic. Diaframma, in particular, quickly adapted to the chaos of the world, drawing on the creativity of its team to continue working in the mess. Are there lessons learned in uncertain times that companies should keep in mind moving forward?

JH: I think we all learned pretty quickly not to take relationships and the art of in-person meetings for granted.

I know for us it’s been a tough two years not going to toy fairs or having our customers physically with us. It’s made us much more detail oriented (although, I have to say, we were pretty boring about the details beforehand), but 2020 has really taught us to be prepared for anything and everything that could go wrong or change range or timing or direction in the blink of an eye. I would say always have a backup plan, just to be on the safe side, because nothing is ever certain.

A toy advertisement in post-production | Source: Diaframma

VG: It’s time to open the crystal ball: for 2023, what are you excited about and how can toy and game makers best position themselves to work with Diaframma on new projects?

JH: Ouch! 2023 really sounds more and more like the future, doesn’t it?

We are excited to return to toy fairs and meet our customers again, but that being said I would say with the industry moving at such a rapid pace it would really be best to start planning for TVCs 2023 now . .

Everyone’s timeline is always climbing and when that happens, creation could suffer without proper brainstorming time. So my advice to toy and game makers is to reach out to them sooner so we can really create something magical and quiet for them.

“Deadlines and things make you creative”

—Jack White

At first I laughed at this quote, but then realized he was right. Deadlines help inspire creativity, as do budget constraints, limited resources, or network and/or Children’s Advertising Review Unit (CARU) restrictions and guidelines.

For more information on hiring the Diaframma team for your next toy or game ad, email [email protected]

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