Delhi International Airport now has a 5G network


Delhi Airport, managed by GMR Group, today said it has made its facilities 5G network compliant, which passengers will be able to enjoy once these services are rolled out by Telecommunications Service Providers (TSPs).

Most airports currently offer wireless service primarily through Wi-Fi to passengers.

Wi-Fi relies on unlicensed spectrum which is free to all, according to Delhi International Airport Ltd (DIAL).

With the increase in passenger traffic, airports have seen an increase in demand for more bandwidth and faster speed for the use of gadgets such as smartphones and laptops among others.

Airlines and other airport players are also looking for fast, seamless and secure connectivity for their essential technologies to meet demand, DIAL said, adding that with the 5G network, passengers will be able to enjoy a 20x faster data speed on available Wi-Fi system, it said.

Wi-Fi relies on unlicensed spectrum which is free for everyone, Delhi International Airport said

Such a network would allow them faster downloads, zero buffering while streaming, and seamless execution of resource-intensive apps, DIAL said.

Travelers with a 5G-enabled mobile phone and SIM card can experience better signal strength, seamless connectivity and faster data speed at the domestic departure pier and in the drop-off area. international arrival baggage at Terminal 3, and between T3 arrivals and the multi-level car park (MLCP), he said.

According to the private airport operator, deployment on T3 would be covered gradually.

Currently, a few of the TSPs have enabled their network to facilitate 5G service for their customers and expect more such service providers to come online in the coming weeks, he said.

“The 5G network offers faster speed and lower latency. At the airport, this feature of next-generation mobile technology will help improve connection density and also lead to greater efficiency and faster decision-making,” Videh Kumar Jaipuriar, CEO of DIAL.

Source: PTI


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