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In an upcoming webinar, Fitch & Associates consultants and clients will present key cases for public safety leaders, outlining challenges, solutions and results. Find out how Fitch customers nationwide have overcome barriers to innovate and improve the clinical, financial and operational elements of their systems. You’ll hear about recruitment, retention software, including how to adopt a plan to meet the results, and we’ll discuss the evolution of EMS in Nova Scotia.

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The Pinnacle Webinar Series is produced in cooperation with Pinnacle Media Partner EMS1. Ninth Brain is Fitch & Associates Learning Partner.

About the speakers

Todd Sheridan, MBA

Todd Sheridan is a senior partner at Fitch & Associates and a seasoned EMS leader with expertise in operations, finance and strategic planning. He previously served as Director of Corporate Contract Operations for Robert Wood Johnson University – EMS/Mobile Health Services. Prior to joining the company, Mr. Sheridan worked for several EMS and Fire agencies, including serving as Senior Operations Manager with the Richmond Ambulance Authority and the Central Virginia All-Hazards Incident Management Team.

Thomas Moore

Thomas Moore, senior partner at Fitch & Associates, is director of emergency medical services for the University Medical Center Health System in Lubbock, Texas. His professional healthcare experience includes designing, implementing and managing land ambulance services, urgent care systems and trauma centers, as well as providing advice and leadership to strategic planning, consolidations, mergers, acquisitions and procurement of transportation services.

Daniel Charbel

Charbel Daniel is the Executive Director of Provincial Operations with Emergency Medical Care, working with over 1,000 paramedics across Nova Scotia to provide pre-hospital emergency care. His current portfolio also includes overseeing provincial programs which include the Extended Care Paramedic Program, Community Paramedic Program, Emergency Preparedness and Special Operations, and Medical First Responder Program.

Chris Brook

Chris Brook is the Customer Relations Manager for Community Care Ambulance in Northeast Ohio. With over 27 years of service as an EMS leader in multiple roles, Chris has gained significant insight into the inner workings of private EMS. He has applied his experience and skills to create innovative solutions to industry problems in multiple areas.

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