Azizi Developments is making great strides in its digital transformation


Dubai, UAE, June 3, 2022: Through the implementation and enhanced use of various digital tools, Azizi Developments, one of the leading private developers in the UAE, is making rapid progress in its digital transformation efforts, effectively benefiting all its stakeholders, with particular focus on its investors and end users. .

Having signed an agreement with MGB to implement robotic process automation (RPA) in its internal processes, as well as with Vortex FSM, a leading technology company providing facility management and automation software for maintenance of assets and facilities, Azizi has effectively reduced its service times. time of more than 30%. The agreement with Vortex is part of Azizi’s ongoing efforts to adopt cutting-edge technologies and implement robust frameworks to increase the efficiency of technicians in the field by optimizing the dispatch process via a mobile application. or a contractor’s web portal. Vortex includes a comprehensive asset register and ticketing web portal as well as maintenance history, which is documented and delivered via dynamic reports and custom business analytics dashboards.

The developer is also evaluating the use of several tools that it can implement or expand its use, including SAP ERP, Oracle ERP, learning management systems, and several new forms of web designs for its websites. Enterprise resource planning software such as this integrates various records of an organization, including internal company procedures, sales records, and complex supply networks, providing better organization and better ability.

Azizi is also improving its network performance by upgrading its network devices, which will eventually allow the organization to decommission one of its multiprotocol label (MPLS) switches.

Additionally, the developer is currently optimizing and automating some of its engineering processes and workflow approvals. One of the tools used in this context is Inaxus, change management and configuration being carried out internally. This will further improve efficiency, again benefiting customers with significantly faster turnaround times. Azizi also digitizes customer cases into Salesforce for even better management of unit trades, consolidations, and resales.

In addition to this, Azizi has implemented several cost reduction projects to reduce unnecessary expenses, providing investors with even better prices and increased returns on investment.

Commenting on the company’s ongoing digital transformation, Mr. Farhad Azizi, CEO of Azizi Developments, said: “Opportunities multiply as they are seized – the more we digitally transform, the more we find ways to further transform ourselves. We are streamlining our digital workflow and improving the efficiency of our employees, all with the end goal of better serving our stakeholders, and especially our valued investors and end users. The pursuit of operational excellence through digital transformation is an essential component of our innovation framework. We are proceeding according to a detailed roadmap, which includes a wide range of state-of-the-art tools that we are currently in the process of implementing. The implementation of advanced technologies and mastery of digital practices by a company’s workforce is necessary for it to thrive in the digital age and operate in a manner consistent with wants and needs. of its stakeholders.

Azizi Developments’ overall digital business transformation program aims to enhance operational efficiency and improve end products and services for its investors and end users, brokerage partners, suppliers, authorities, etc. Those who purchase units from Azizi will now enjoy faster turnaround and response times, increased convenience, higher ROI on their properties, and more.


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