Ashley Bloomfield should do better than lean into government ‘consolidation’


Chief Health Officer Ashley Bloomfield has become complicit in the Labor government’s attempt to cover up the government’s theft of rapid antigen tests, the New Zealand Taxpayers Union.

spokesman Jordan Williams said: “The Chief Health Officer is on a $500,000 salary to educate the public and leave it up to politicians. He is not supposed to repeat the government’s policy lines, but that is exactly what he did in claiming the government is ‘consolidating’ rapid antigen testsdenying that the tests were commandeered or stolen.

“Anyone involved in purchasing tests knows to see the government seizure for what it is. When the Chief Health Officer calls a supplier to tell them to redirect tests already ordered, it’s not a friendly suggestion – it comes with an implicit threat of government punishment.

“At taxpayers union, we would already have tests for our employees if our supplier had not received this fateful message from the government. We are now awaiting a second order, but our supplier has told us not to pay until it is certain that the government will not requisition this batch as well. »

“This is Venezuelan thuggish behavior, trampling on property rights and intervening to prevent companies from doing the right thing for their workers. Companies will now have to go hat in hand to the Government in order to obtain tests. It might work for a few well-connected employers, but overall it will reduce New Zealanders’ easy access to these vital tests.

“Like many employers, the Taxpayers Union ordered RATs in December, taking careful steps to ensure our staff and office are safe for as long as possible. But because the government has failed to take these prudent steps himself, he’s now stealing everyone who’s ordered RATs.To add insult to injury, Ashley Bloomfield claims black is white by insisting that the government doesn’t “steal” the tests. undermines his own credibility to serve his political masters. He should do better.

“With a pandemic response fund of around $70 billion, the government was perfectly positioned to order tests in a fair market. But he dragged the chain and is now making his own rules to cover up his incompetence.

“We join tens of thousands of other employers in telling the government, ‘give us back our tests so we can do our job’.”

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